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Posted by: Garloo on March 03, 19100 at 23:32:46:

In Reply to: The War of Position Part III posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on March 03, 19100 at 11:53:03:

: : Garloo: There are, in fact, historic amounts of tax money being dumped into education in America these days. About $9,000 per student in MN. Yet there has never been a link between high spending and high test scores presumably because the money never makes it to the classroom.

: SDF: California, the least-spending of American public school systems, also has the worst scores. There's your link for you.

Garloo: Are they spending more today, proportianally, than in the past when the scores were higher. My guess is that they are. I don't know. Additionally, I was asking for a link betweem increased spending and higher scores. You failed to provide that.

: : There are scores of assistant principles, associate principles, assistants to the associate principles, councelors, grief councelors, child-welfare-hug-developement-workers, peer group specialist, child developement workers, child psycologists, motivational mentors, trans-gendered-health-and-wellness commitees and the rest of that hooey, all making as much as three times the salary of the average teacher.

: SDF: "Scores!" This is just propaganda. Care to substantiate the "extent of the problem" with any statistics not fabricated by Rush Limbaugh? The schools where I teach have no school psychologists, or counselors of any sort, maybe an assistant principal if they're lucky. Meanwhile school facilities nationwide are falling apart for lack of repair monies.

Garloo: Would you care to substantiate YOUR claim that schools are falling apart? Furthermore, you're going to have to do a lot better than calling anyone who disagrees with you a 'Limbaugh fan'. Are you quite certain I listen to that show? You sound a little weak when you resort to cheap tactics of that kind. It's not that I disagree with everything Rush says, I just don't like his show. It's o.k. when Sean Hannity fills in but most of the time I'd just rather listen to music, Avail, Propaghandi, Bad Religion, Stiff Little Fingers etc. That's right, Mr. Capital listens to nothing but hardcore, leftist, angry punk rock. I don't think you can get a more polar opposite from Rush Limbaugh. My point being, your anti-Rush propaghanda belittles us both, so stop it.

: : As one of the largest supporters of the DFL, the tenured teachers will do little to reform the problem from within. The DFL fights to keep their hapless dupe programs in place and throw a little more of my money at the problem so they can look good and stay in office. They promise the teachers union that they will vote down tuition tax credits and school vouchers, anything that would benefit the private schools and the children that might potentially better themselves there. It stinks. Throwing more tax money at the problem won't fix it. Privatisation will.

: SDF: The track record of voucher systems is that they make both private and public schools worse, as substantiated in a Martin Carnoy article I cited here. Never mind that the above propaganda is a mere echo of the union-busting rhetoric of George HW Bush and his Republican Party stooges...

Garloo: And that reactionary Bill Bradley who supported vouchers until pressure made him reverse his position. Yeah, I saw that myself in one of his first debates with Al Gore. I'll check your resource on tax credits and get back to with some evidence of my own.

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