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What good would that do anyone?

Posted by: Farinata ( L'inferno ) on March 03, 19100 at 23:46:59:

In Reply to: I'll make you a deal. posted by Garloo on March 03, 19100 at 23:36:13:

: Global warming is absolutely rock solid as a theory; the question is whether human influence is causing a 'runaway greenhouse effect' on the planet Earth. No-one, not even the odder and more hardened sceptics like Fred Singer, would deny that global warming is a mechanism whereby planetary {Global} warming can happen.

: Garloo: If the day comes when the sky falls as you suggest, Loudon and I will meet you back at this site so you can all say "I told you so!"

And that would benefit who, exactly?

It would tell me that I know more about climate science than you do. Well, there's a surprise; I studied it for three years.

I knew that already.

The fact is that there is a clear and resounding body of evidence that suggests that, unless we clean up our act as a species, we are fucked.

I don't ultimately give a toss about appearing to be 'right' (well, not much of one, at any rate); but I do give a toss about the fact that millions of people are likely to die through no fault of their own and the fact that our financial markets are going to implode as a result of it.

As should you; it is, after all, merely self-interest; like not lighting up a cigarette after someone says they smell gas.

Besides which; the 'net takes a lot of power to run; I feel that it's worth it, due to the freer exchange of information; but you can be sure that in the event of societal collapse, the higher achievements like the Internet will be the first to go down. So we won't be here.

Do you think it economically sensible to persist in a policy that results in the decline in productivity of large parts of the workforce?


: Since that's all you really want.

Please; don't ascribe your values to me, Garloo.


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