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Dodge this! *tosses empty beer bottle*

Posted by: MDG on March 04, 19100 at 12:18:43:

In Reply to: Sorry, can't shut me up after I've had a few posted by Barry Stoller on March 03, 19100 at 23:32:20:


: Stoller: Sorry, that's a feeble argument. [Neither of us knows 'what's going on in the mind' of a capitalist or a corporal trained at the school of assassins---but we still reject their values.]

: : I merely turned your own argument back on you, comrade.

: Did you? Sure looked like a dodge to me.

That's because you see the world through red-tinted glasses, comrade. And that's been the source of many of our disagreements all along. But that's okay -- I see the world through animal-shaped lenses, and I'm incapable of not arguing with those who see things differently.

So it goes.

*takes last swig of beer, throws it drunkenly in Barry's direction, and passes out, thus discovering one surefire way to stop arguing*

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