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Posted by: Lark on March 04, 19100 at 12:26:31:

McSpotlight do you know when the anarcho FAQ is being published? How much might it be?

SDF I've been reading Paulo's Pedegogy, it's an excellent old read and the A 1 of empowerment books, any thoughts on it? I'd find it difficult to summarise it for a start but I think you could handle it, your a teacher are you? SDF I said to you once did you think your ideas where anarchist, you kinda went nuts and called be a sectarian and all, would you consider yourself a refomist anarcho? I think that's kinda what your ideas are like. See the questioning me about religion where did all that come from?

Garloo, it was you that defended my positions against SDF over that religion thing was it? Arent you a capitalist?

NJ, where are you man? You been ill?

RD what job did you end up getting? Are you working for the SPGB?

Gee no luck getting a job with an internet link?

Floyd why you never debate in here?

Stolley, where you a trot when you where in Behaviourist mode? Did you join the party and then form opinions or form opinions then join the party? Did you from opinions and then go to Marxism or did you go to Marxism and then form opinions? Is anything other than what Marx wrote legitimate political discourse in your opinion?

MGD what was your criteria for judging 'causes' again?

DDN do you have a hard copy of the 'give me this or give me death' post? I cant get it with the searcher, could you repost? (By the way the UFO people and the creationists both believe in the literal interpretation of the bible, thinking Christians like me dont)

I'd like to add that I think that all the people who stop by and like make one post and just drift off again should stick around I like their posts.

Cheers Everyone, I'm going away for a day or two,

McSpotlight: Don't know if it's going to be published - as far as I know, but you can find v7.8 here.

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