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The disposabel car of the future

Posted by: Deep Dad Nine on March 04, 19100 at 12:28:47:

Apparently I'm becoming clairvoyant so I've become fond of making predictions. Here's one:

The disposable automobile of the future:

Costs $99.98

Has an average lifespan of about one week. After that it becomes
cheaper to buy a new one than to replace the broken $100 part.

Get's one mile to the gallon.

Has a one gallon gas tank.

Gas stations are put up on every one mile stretch of road.

Pretty much everybody works for a car manufacturer in one capacity or another. The pay is just enough to cover rent, pay taxes, and make your weekly car purchase (you have to have one to get to work).
50% of the collected taxes go to corporate welfare for the 2 auto manufacturers that have 99% of the market.

Someone gets killed (assisinated) while trying to modify their engine for increased gas mileage. The government responds in 10 minutes with a 1000 page bill that makes it illegal to open the hood of a car without a special government issued liscense - "to protect our citizens and save lives" (On pages 719, 836, 894 and 912 are clauses outlawing herbal medicine, homebased businesses, guns, and homeschools.)

500 protesters are arrested for biking to work ("disturbing the peace"). The media reports that most of them had histories of mental illness and belonged to a radical "cult" that forces their young to "walk" as early as age two.

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