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We live in anarchy and have always done

Posted by: Freeman on March 04, 19100 at 16:46:02:

In Reply to: And the prospects for doing away with lawlessness arent looking great. posted by Lark on February 22, 19100 at 18:50:39:

: : Yes, we live in anarchy which is self-government. Obedience
: : is always an option but self-government is not. The latter
: : is inevitable in either case.

: : Evade/avoid the gangs in the various territories they have
: : marked, like dogs pissing in the corners of their
: : self-proclaimed domains.

: : Like I said, its anarchy out there, in all probability
: : always will be.

: : "Government" is an illusion.

: : --
: : McSpotlight: I think you're confusing 'anarchy' with 'anarchism'; and the 'boys in blue' are usually only too happy to remind you that they're in charge...

The 'boys in blue' are just another gang if you
look closely. How is that different than anarchy?

: He's got a point though, the police usually clean up afterwards and hassle you if you try to get them to do a real job and remind them they arent above or the embodiment of the law.

: I wouldnt call it anarchy just lawlessness.

How is your 'lawlessness' not anarchy?

:I'm not optimistic about the capacity of an anrchist society to change it either, perhaps we need more left realism and less left idealism.

Like I said. We live in anarchy and have always done

: I'm increasingly infavour of some kind of no-nonsense socialist dictatorship with workers control of industry, absolute civil libertarianism but a real, real authoritarian intolerance of crime, criminality and violence.

Ah, a new kind of anarchy with a new name for a new

All very conventional and predictable, particularly
the outcome:

More anarchy.

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