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Little pieces of paper and more useful things.

Posted by: Freeman on March 04, 19100 at 16:46:14:

In Reply to: The Constitution posted by Garloo on February 13, 19100 at 18:57:54:

: Is the Constitution of the United States of America worth preserving? Why, or why not? How is the Constitution affected or disaffected by Socialism and Capitalism? Can it exist without Capitalism? Should it exist at all? Is it stronger now than ever before?

: As a frequent visitor to this site, I am curious about what some of the regulars have to say on this topic. And as a card-carrying, conservative Republican I keep a copy of the Constitution next to the King James Bible and my NRA membership card, right by the ammo on the top drawer of my gun cabinet in the well-stocked armory on the back forty of my compound in Montana. You can obtain your copy at any number of websites as well as in any version of the World Almanac, though I trust most of the contributors to this site are already quite familiar with the Constitution. Thanks in advance-

Joke tho this is it deserves some serious response, I think.

Hanging on the little pieces of paper, membership cards,
and your Santa Claus to protect you From the Great Evil
of the Day is, to say the least, delusional.

You might like to keep your firepower closer to hand tho.

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