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You should be get out into the material world more often before you start invoking shame

Posted by: Quincunx on March 04, 19100 at 23:58:56:

In Reply to: You should be ashamed. posted by Loudon Head on March 03, 19100 at 19:42:45:

This one is a bit much.......

LH: Floods and mudslides are the direct result of cattle ranching? Please show me the evidence. Seriously, I will happily go read anything you'll point me towards.

Qx: Sure buddy. Can't you handle that? I've worked on a number of cattle operations in my time and I've seen entire hillsides go under and turn streams into mudfill. What evidence is there? Look at Botswana's situation.

LH:And also, only a small minority benefits from cattle ranching? Um... what?? Last I checked, the world had not yet converted to vegetarianism.

Qx: Ooops...insert the topic of vegetarianism in order to deflect that fact that there is one hell of a corporate food cartel in place that sets the standards for meat inspection. BTW, you had better explain away the labor struggles in meat packing industries worldwide before you deny the presence of small (and violent) minorities who are dominant in corporate cattle ranching. Ben Cartwright would upchuck at your assertions to the contrary in regards to the state of contemporary ranching practices.

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