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Being born rich doesn't guarantee living rich

Posted by: R. Jenkins ( USA ) on March 19, 1999 at 12:25:43:

In Reply to: Now, about anarcho-capitalism. posted by Red Deathy on March 18, 1999 at 15:51:40:

2:Given that crisis is inevitable under capitalist functionings, what is to stop the equally inevitable concentration of property into fewer and fewer hands (when a firm crashes, another fills the market, and buys up all its stock, etc. Or firms merging)? What happens when one firms 'wins' the competition, and achieves monopoly? How will they be stopped from, like Stagecoach here, using anti-cmpetative pricing (predatory pricing, i.e. going well below the odd, because you can afford to, to drive competitors out of business). or like Microsoft, just buying out, or smashing smaller competition. Once firms achive monopolies, what is to stop them behaving like a minature state?

The only monopolies in history were the ones that were controled by the state. If a bussiness charges less for a product than anyone else can, thus achieving near monopoly power, who does that hurt?

: 3:Given that the wages system requires at the least, the compulsion of relative poverty to make workers sell their labour powe, and further, requires a reserve army of labour (pool of unemployment), and further, reduces the number of workers needed through automatisation (creating 'surplus population') why would the vast majority of people want to live under anarcho capitalism?

People always have to work to keep food on the table, it is no different under capitalism. Under socialism, no one ever has to do well to have wealth, which results in most people having nothing jobs and a few people supporting them.

: 4:Further, since folk accept that being born rich gives advantages of education, and status, and that such advantages continue and re-enforce class divisions (with only a tiny amount of movement, for every rags to riches story there are ten or more rags to rags stories), how can the society be said to be fair (considering that social systems are human constructs, and not non-human processes, such as skin colouring, or hieght). How can freedom exist under such a system, or even 'fair' competition?

Being born rich doesn't guarantee living rich, if pne does a poor job, regardless of their origional class they will be poor.

5:If access to the law involves taking cases to 'Justice Bob's Law Emporium' doesn't that mean it'll be one law for the poor, and as many laws as money can buy for teh rich? Wouldn't equality before the law disapear?

In the US, we have the DO(in)J. Everybody who hasn't been succesful runs to them, and they go after whoever the unsucesful people tell them to. This is basically the system you're describing, but this is how it ends up working. Obviously, America is not a capitalist country.

: Simple question- why should I vote for anracho-capitalism?

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