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Reason #9

Posted by: bill ( Turtle Island ) on March 22, 1999 at 12:28:30:

Reasons to Challenge Capitalism

#9 - Reduce Cognitive Dissonance

Such as:

"Homeless? What homeless?" (they're all dead-beats and anyway it's their preferred life-style)(besides, I heard about a guy making $75.00/day street begging)

"Global Warming? Ozone? What's that?" (scientists disagree, the jury's still out. Bio-what?)

"Jobless ?" (nonsense, just look in the Classified ad section, I remember back in my day we were grateful to just..."

"What Do You Mean Everybody Doesn't Have An Equal Chance?" (it's a level playing field. Institutionalized what?)(I worked my way through college)

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