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If humans make history....

Posted by: noel ( SWP, UK ) on March 23, 1999 at 11:03:48:

In Reply to: No Joel... posted by Red Deathy on March 22, 1999 at 13:15:17:

: : By the way, Marx and Hegel both thought what you call "capitalism" was natural. Whatever is ideally (Hegel) or materially (Marx) necessary is also real and an aspect of the natural development of things.

: Or rather, a natural development in human society, i.e. that it is a thing constructed by humans, and dictated by human consciousness. The point is, capitalism will not work unless humans want it to.

: : No one would have to do anything as the 'logic of the situation' would unfold and herald a new dawn for mankind.

: No, because 'humans make history, albiet not in teh conditions of their choosing', hence Marx's emphasis on teh struggle for the ten hour day, etc. What you are describing there is a mechanical materialist reading of Marx, Marx never felt that we could sit back and do nothing, rather he felt that through our own choice actions, and the convergence of fortiuitous conditions, socialism would arise.

: :So, arise from your anti-Marxist, undialectic ideas of 'social justice' [Marx's derisive sarcasm included here] and become 'class conscious'. Actually, you don't even need to do taht. Socialism will come naturally just as capitalism came naturally through [Marx's] the concept of material historicism. No one will have to do a thing.

: No, we will all have to act, we will each have to make the conscious decision to pursue freedom.

So why then, Red have you argued in the past that you would not try to lead struggles? Or argue that your fellow workers should pursue one action rather than another?

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