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Official: RD is NOT a Hegelian

Posted by: Joel Jacobson ( none, USA ) on March 23, 1999 at 11:14:35:

In Reply to: Bakhtin. posted by Red Deathy on March 22, 1999 at 18:00:53:

: I sincerly doubt that it was a capitalistic community, mercantilistic I can beleive, since the vikings were great merchants, and much capitalist ideology is based around its mercantilist roots. Further, I accept that All 'isms' hitherto have been impure, but what you look to is teh 'dominant' system, and we can find some surprisingly sharp breaks twixt different modes of society. I recomend Phillipe Arre's 'The Hour of Our Death' as an example.

: : And, no 'democracy', 'capitalism, 'socialism', etc. don't "exist" as specific or particular 'system' classifications. Rather, they are references to the participation of people in a certain socially relevant actions, which are made relevant, in turn, by the valuations taht individual people give them. They are referencing what we are engaged in and not some "form of existance" as there are many more parallels between these "systems" then there are distinctions between them. Such classifications only have the most broad and non-analytical purposes and are simply unable to provide for deep and meaningful evaluation.

: Hehehe- thats the best explantation of Hegel's Doctrine of Essence I've ever seen. Congratulations. Oh, and the doctrine of teh identity of opposites. Keep going.

Then you are making all sorts of anti-Hegelian references such as "capitalism" and "mercantilism". How can you call yourself a Hegelian and continued to use such terms. Oh, and I never really questioned the existence whole idealized slave-master thing, merely its relevance.

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