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i Viva McSpotlight !

Posted by: player1961 ( usa ) on March 23, 1999 at 11:36:19:

In Reply to: Keep at it McSpotlight! (they're getting flustered) posted by bill on March 22, 1999 at 12:32:25:

An excellent post!

I will take it one further. I believe that anti-communist organizations such as John Birch Society and the (U.S.) Libertarian Party assign members to recruit via existing message boards and chat rooms, and to disrupt what they consider to be subversive sites. Any site like this one -- that is specifically opposed to the policies of ONE corporation -- is bound to be attacked by "public relations consultants" or other private police hired by that corporation. Furthermore, the potential for secret police (Navy Intelligence, FBI, LAPD red squad, etc.) to undermine public "free" speech is enormous. (They are well-organized in every respect. For example, there are a lot of cop message boards and chat rooms, and very few restaurant worker chat rooms, although restaurant workers outnumber police by far.)

I do indeed notice that about 10-20 persons post constantly in this room, effectively "flooding" the site. Newbies would certainly think that this message board is flypaper; discussion here by political activists is wasted time and effort. The degradation path is for the disruptors to use ever-decreasing relevancy and ever-increasing vulgarity. The Internet is a toilet!

I agree with and support the efforts of McSpotlight. How can we make this a more effective discussion board?

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