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And if voluntary, it might just not get done

Posted by: Crimson Tide on March 24, 1999 at 10:54:09:

In Reply to: In a Genuine Socialist society unpleasant work will have to be done posted by Lark on March 23, 1999 at 13:58:16:

: I havent the money for a flight, I'm not Cuban I'm Irish, I dont speak spanish.

You could learn! (just kiddin)

: Every Criticism you have made here of Socialism, the Machavellians etc. goes double for Capitalism I hope you know that. I mean the McLibel two where taken down by McDonalds, deprived of freedom of speech by a company not the government and to be honesty where they a threat to the power of McDonalds or was the school yard thug just thorwing it's weight around?

Like McSpotlight says, McD will get its ass kicked eventually over this thing.

The nice thing about capitalist machiavelans is that they have to 'get in' on the back of wealth, not on a pseudo majority. And we can kick em, they dont have political prisoners.

: In a Genuine Socialist society unpleasant work will have to be done just as it has to be done now the difference is that everyone will have to appreciate and take part in the unpleasantness.

You got it Lark, shits gotta be shoveled and if Joe Schmoe gets voted into the job you can bet hes gonna be thinking less that comradely thoughts. Ive worked shit shovel in reality, and I only did it for the food I could buy - damn well wasnt going to steal.

"everyone will have to appreciate" can be made more expedient by weighing in on the poor sucker 'for the good of society' - you can see why I'm ex red -in the wasteland.

: No avenue of escape into a slothful bureacratic class of paper piling suits, whether state or market, will exist for the work-shy or proud.

Whose going to keep em on their toes? Work shy 'social enforcers' or whatever euphamism for the SS they want. Free choice?

: Then we'll really, really, really see how long this unpleasantness persists wont we.

Sure thing, i'll set the stopwatch Lark - count em out.

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