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Remember the desert island bit?

Posted by: Lark ( Socialist Militia ) on March 24, 1999 at 11:43:07:

In Reply to: super posted by Gee on March 23, 1999 at 14:33:56:

: : Yes I would.

: Now thats very fine, but why would you demand others do the same?

If I demanded others to do the same I wouldnt be debating I'd be stockpiling rifles, as I've said before, I want to convince people that they dont need to make people miserable and disadvantaged to be happy or advantaged.

Remember the desert island bit? I could have lived with that capitalism but it's not a reality and it cant ever be.

: : OK but your alone among your New Right buddies.

: I would certainly feel alone amongst 'young conservatives' and the like - and any 'new world order' fans.

: : You may think this, but is a get out of jail free clause? The argument of me, me, me, me, me, that was used to save Capitalism from socialism and is still used leds to a painting into the corner for capitalism, it's no longer a high minded ideal but a stagnant status quo that just happens.

: hence the desperate need to focus of liberty and re-explain why liberty requires pvte property

I does yes, my toothbrish is mine, when I get a car I dont want anyone nicking it but where do you put the marker down? If someone buys all the private property everyone else cant have any, therefore liberty doesnt exist, going by your own prerequisite and only Capitalism does.

: : No I dont consider that the case. Self interest is good for the self interested.

: Which is anyone who has a self, ie anyone (even if their self is diluted and handed over to others)

What do you mean? Now you see this in different terms to me, the selfish find selfishness good because it pays of for them and while people such as yourself go around justifying it they'll have no guilt either. For the rest of us we either fall in line or are doomed.

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