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Posted by: Gee on March 24, 1999 at 14:35:22:

In Reply to: Trading of life for commodities. posted by Lark on March 24, 1999 at 11:43:57:

: Yes the few and this class reproduces itself

In America this 'class' is added to with new individuals who enter the circle of the wealthy by their ability - just like the rich kids grandaddy. I'm not into pushing about rich peoples children - and as wealth is created their inherited wealth is not taken from someone else.

: : Not when they compete for the same resource - people

: Dont unserstand...

They compete for employees, each companies wants (or shoudl want) the best, so their existence raises salaries.

: : They would be the govt just told - if they make it impossible to employ people.

: Dont understand....

by shackling the employers

: : The collective is just the indivuals, all with their own agendas

: The best way to get your individual agenda fixed is collectively that's what Capitalism seems to suggest with all it's centralisation and mergures in industry.

And all done without 3rd party 'arbitration'

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