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I was speaking of a philosophical war.

Posted by: borg ( Anarchy, Inc., Cyberspace ) on March 24, 1999 at 18:14:26:

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: how's it good if I give away money etc. it leaves me at an unfair disadvantage, I'd have thought that very obvious.

Not if the giving makes you feel good and leaves you with
enuf to please you also.

: : The is the war that's been going on since the dawn of time.

: War? What is it good for nothing at all, say it again......

True but I was speaking of a philosophical war. Don't you
see it?

: : Why not just let each individual act in his own
: : interest, be they selfish or altruistic?

: because one way we have social meltdown and chaos and global destruction the other we dont.

Bald assertion. Besides we've had a lot of that already
because of either/or reasoning in this regard. ["I'm
gonna bust your ass cuz u don't see it my way!" kind
of thinking.

The statement I made above *is* One Way. There are no Two Ways mentioned by me, it's just that you and most everyone else
think there is only one way or the other.

What could be wrong with us?

What is it we cannot see?

I think we listen too to many "voices" other than
our own.

Exorcize yourself.



Anarchy, n. 4. a theory which regards the union of order with the absence of all direct or coercive
government as the political ideal. 5. confusion in general; disorder.


Government produces all order.

Under anarchy there is no government.

Therefore anarchy is chaos.


In Washington there isn't any plan

With "feeding David" on page sixty-four;

It must be accidental that the milk man

Leaves a bottle at my door.

It must be accidental that the butcher

Has carcasses arriving at his shop

The very place where, when I need some meat,

I accidentally stop.

My life is chaos turned miraculous;

I speak a word and people understand

Although it must be gibberish since words

Are not produced by governmental plan.

Now law and order, on the other hand

The state provides us for the public good;

That's why there's instant justice on demand

And safety in every neighborhood.

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