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Snafu. And a play, besides.

Posted by: DrCruel on March 24, 1999 at 18:28:17:

In Reply to: Fubar. posted by Red Deathy on March 24, 1999 at 15:38:33:

: Sorry gee, I actually did respond to this one, but the room fubarred it again, the 'biw' post was meant for the 'Bhopal factor' thread. Anyway, here goes agin.

Thank you. Now, at least when you fall, it will be at the hands of reasoned argument, not snide remark.

Another conversation, then?

You: Gimme some wool.
Me: I fed the sheep. I sheared it. It's mine.
You: I need some. You have plenty. Gimme.
Me: No.

Now, some responses ...

Anarchist: (???) *absolute confusion* -later, sneaks into the shed and steals some wool-
Communist: BANG.
Fascist: BANG.
Capitalist: One of two -

1) All right. How much do you want for your precious wool? (greedy sneer) OR
2) (petulant stomp) Oh YEAH? Well, then, I'll just have to get my own sheep, you wretch! HA!

Have I missed something in my little 'passion play'?

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