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'Aid' = 'Bombs?'

Posted by: Krasny ( Internationale, All Countries ) on March 26, 1999 at 12:39:54:

In Reply to: willingly? posted by Gee on March 26, 1999 at 11:00:44:

: : If there was any doubt before, there should be none now, that the U.S. represents the most powerful coercive force the world has ever known. American taxpayers have willingly parted with a huge slice of their tax burden

: Willingly? Ive been reading online opinion polls which are not so supportive. Or are you suggesting an implicit support, because they live in the USA.

: Regardless, does your post show a support of states to darned well kill their inhabitants if they want, like a 'right' to terrorise.

: The US is hardly morally clean when involved in international affairs. But what would you consider a viable alternative which aids (assuming this to be the goal) those people being attacked by Serbs.
Russia had agreed to an economic blockade against Yugoslavia (of military supplies and equipment) at NATO's urging because, NATO argued, if Russia continued to supply armaments to Yugoslavia, it would be necessary to use force [Check]. The NATO with the US delegation leading the way (Holbrook and Albright) then saunter into Paris to tell the Serbian delegation 'take it or leave it.' [Checkmate] That was the extent of the 'negotiations.'

If the bombing is so moral, and if the humanitarian aspects are so compelling, why not bring it before the UN Security Council? What gives an ostensibly defensive organization like NATO the right to define another nation's problems, formulate a military solution, and then unilaterally carry it out? Should the CIS now apply airstrikes against Turkey until such time as the Turks give the Kurds an independant state?

Maybe the US and NATO really are just doing this for purely humanitarian reasons... and maybe Hitler really was just 'aiding' the German speaking inhabitants of the Rhineland, Czechoslovakia and Poland. [voice dripping with sarcasm]

This is merely the new method for an old idea - Keeping the Balkans divided and weak by forcing Serbia to relinguish sovereignty over large sections of its territory. Period. If the US had any interest at all in 'morality' and 'ethnic cleansing' it wouldn't fund, train and equip the death squads throughout Latin America.

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