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Grand illusions

Posted by: bill on March 26, 1999 at 17:04:47:

In Reply to: Ain't capitalism grand? posted by DrCruel on March 25, 1999 at 11:29:29:

: Talk about feces detail.

: Right now, I'm in Bosnia, waiting for the Serbs to come through the wire. This place is a hole in the ground, and we're trapped in it (although, being that we are members of a capitalist army, we gots movie theatres, a big PX, decent chow, etc.). And yet, I volunteered to be in this outfit. Why?

: 1) Socialism. If I don't stand up for my country, the loup garous that write to this BBS might just have a better shot at that "Big Payoff" - i.e. the socialist revolution. I'm presently living in one of their unacknowledged failures, so I know from whence I speak.

: 2) (a big one) They pay us REAL well here. See, no one wants to serve in Bosnia. It's unpleasant, you can't see your family, you're in constant danger, most of the time you're bored silly, everyone is on your back, and so on. People are leaving the Army, and they are having a hard time getting replacements, especially in the technical fields. So ... what do they do? THEY PAY US.

: You want me to dig you a latrine? Sure. Make it worth my while.

: By the way, we don't do our own laundry here. The locals fold our clothes for us. And we don't clean out our own latrines. Who does it? You guessed it - the locals. They don't get paid all that well, but they're real enthusiastic about working for us. Why? Because the #$%@ communists ripped this place apart, that's why! There's no jobs left in town, as all the "capitalist exploiters" were gotten rid of, long ago. When communism collapsed, the party big shots turned to tribalism and ethnic politics for their bread and butter. They're still at it, the *&^%$#!

: It'll get done. Just you best have my pay ready for me when I get done, or you'll have to do it yourself next time.

: Ain't capitalism grand?

Capitalim? Sounds more like sucking up tax ('hard earned') dollars from the teat of big government eh!

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