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Minimum wage

Posted by: What Tiler ( Dat's Kap-it-all, Britain (and proud of it) ) on March 29, 1999 at 14:54:28:

This one's for our cousins over the other side of the pond. We will be getting a minimum wage here in the next week or so, and predictably, the right wing conservative press are predicting the end of civilisation as they know it, mass unemployment, businesses folding, three headed serpents being born to women in their 80's ie the usual bull.

You've had it for years haven't you ? As I understand it, your unemployment rate has fallen. I'd really like to debate this with anybody who could not support the minimum wage. There is also a real bitch who often represents the Institute of Directors called Ruth Lea (I think) she is always mouthing off against it - she would probably have people work for food if she could get away with it - I'd like her to one day find out what it is like to try and live on welfare..

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