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Arse! Managed to Fubar me own post this time, I'll try and make those figures more comprehensible....

Social Revolutionaries:
Votes: 974,885[58%](June); 54,375[14%](September)

Votes: 76,407[12%](June) 15,887[04%](September)

Votes: 168,781[17%](June) 101,106[26%] (September)

Votes: 75,409[12%](June) 198,230[51%](September)

Total Votes Cast: 1,295,482 (June) 396,598(September)

: Now, look cloesly at the above, from a county of two hundred million, one and a quarter million voted in the June soviets, and less than a third (look at the drop in the total vote) voted in september. There is no way on Earth that the Bolshiviks and their apologists can claim legitimate backing, and this provides little proof of the Soviets being the demost democratic organ on Earth.

Might as well add some more stats- these are the figures for teh Consituent assembly:

Constituent Assembly (in votes):

Peasant Parties:
Russian SRs- 15,848,004
Ukrainian SRs- 1,286,157
Ukrainian socialist coalition- 3,556,581
{Total SRs and allies- 20,690,742 }

Workers Parties:
Bolsheviks- 9,844,637
Mensheviks- 1,364,826
Other socialists- 601,707

Bourgeois and rightwing parties:
Kadets- 1,986,601
Conservative Russian groups- 1,262,418
Nationalist groups- 2,620,967

Constituent Assembly (in seats)

Russian SRs- 299
Ukrainian SRs- 81
Left SRs- 39
Bolsheviks- 168
Mensheviks- 18
Other socialists- 4
Kadets- 15
Conservatives- 2
Nationalist groups- 77

My Source these come from is Ted Grant's (ever hilarious)
Russia from Revolution to COunter-Revolution'


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