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Humans...respond to their social and environmental conditioning.

Posted by: Grand Kahuna Troglodyte ( Knuckles-on-ground Association, Some Cave in B.F.Somewhere ) on March 29, 1999 at 15:15:32:

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: Is the social darwinism that capitalism espouses "right" or "moral?" Why or why not?

Grand Kahuna Troglodyte say pithy pithy phrase:

Often those in power like to justify their postion by evoking the magical laws of nature. Kings, if one remembers, often relied on "Divine Right" to justify their throne. Many "scientists" loyal to the Status Quo "discovered" many physiological "proofs" that White Men were inherently more intelligent than Native Americans and African (Americans). Convenient, huh?

Grand Kahuna Troglodyte no agree. Grand Kahuna Troglodyte say:
Humans, though individual as they may be, respond to their social and environmental conditioning. When one is in an environment where collective decisions are made and overall group welfrare is emphasized, humans usually behave kinder toward each other.

Conversely, humans raised in a hostile "every man for himself" culture usually is very cutthroat and hardened. These examples, despite occasional aberrations, more often than not ring true

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