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On my netiquette

Posted by: Joel Jacobson ( none, USA ) on March 29, 1999 at 16:12:35:

I fully admit my rudeness as I was pointedly attemping such. In the last two months I have been labeled evil, morally deficient, corrupt, anit-social, greedy, unable to distinguish good and evil, amoral, immoral, and other such forms of passing judgement. My posts have been have been purposefully (I can only assume) been twisted by SDF and Qx to represent views which I both abhore and actively oppose. Additionally, without any sort of reason or critique "the School of Chicago" has been referred to as most of the above without any sort of explanation as to why they deserve these descriptions.

In return I have questioned your reading comprehension, called you ignorant, proposed that you have substituted mere words for arguements, and pointed out that you continuously confuse your opinions/value statements with objective facts. Please note (SDF especially) that I fully admit to giving my opinions; the difference between myself and y'all is that I admit to my opinions while you try and show that your opinions are based on facts (even the highly esteemed Deathy).

What's the difference?

You have questioned my heart, my soul, my very being and reason for existence. I have quetioned your intellectual prowess and ability to follow an argument. Vileness in all its ideal evilness (okay, I cant resist some dialecticism) is the complete denial of any ability to do good and, while sometimes using lack of knowledge, of itself contains nothing of any redeeming value. Ignorance, on the other hand, can sometimes be, although not optimal, virtuous though we only might attribute it innocence.

So then, must I question my every action? Where does my allegience really lie? Have I really sold out my soul? All my personal desires: of building up community, my fellow neighbors, the one's with whom I personally have repoire . . . I could go on.

Make no mistake, until I quite seeing words like immoral, etc. I will continue to ridicule and demean people's intelligence . . . but I will NEVER question their desire for the best for their fellow human beings.

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