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Posted by: bill on March 30, 1999 at 11:31:20:

In Reply to: Two questions posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on March 29, 1999 at 15:38:32:

: Now, as to your more important point, two questions: what makes a sentence less declarative if it contains words such as "because" or "for example" or "based on"? And what connection did you hope to make between grammar and political ideology?


Well yeah, I guess the "because" and "for example" do produce yet more declaritive sentences which can infinitely regress to the (truly)profound question of the four year old asking: "Why"?

One possible take on this conundrum is that by asking questions and providing answers to which furthur questions sre addressed, we get a more three dimensional understanding of both the world and the way each of us regard the world. It may be a "natural function" (whatever that is)of the human being to seek information of the world through the senses and the process of discovery begins to include the "subjective" impressions of others as objects of study. To 'test' these impressions of others (as in testing anything) we like to compare and "surround" the subject.

"It's Hot in here" might lead to looking at a thermometer and/or observing that the person just came in from a snowstorm, etc. etc. to a point where 'non-ultimate fact knowledge', beginning with a misty nothing, gradually accumulates into a thick and hearty soup.

This is partly why many declaritive sentences, by themselves, seem so one-dimensional.

bill (more later...gotta go...late for work...;)

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