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Bad news unless you like to be cruel

Posted by: Quincunx on March 30, 1999 at 11:38:16:

In Reply to: Bad news? posted by DrCruel on March 25, 1999 at 11:30:40:

DC: We are doing very well, but not really. Since we are doing so very well, we ought to spend more on education, because our schools are abysmal (to which my answer in one word: VOUCHERS).

Qx: The argument against vouchers is pretty strong and if you like stream-lined societies that decide what your abilities are when you're a teenager then you're basicvally following a trend started in Europe and elsewheres. So much for being patriotically American.

DC: Capitalist societies have reduced poverty substantially, and has almost rid themselves of homelessness. There are, however, those who work full time jobs and live almost as bad as Cubans. We capitalists ought to do something about it.

Qx: The first two assertions are basically groundless fabrications that groups like the Cato Institute like to instill in people. Have you been instilled lately? By the way, how capitalist are you? If you're just a believer in that system of distribution then you're not a capitalist. Also, Cubans get free medical care (even if it's not the best) and most of the false capitalists types (like Joel, etc..)don't really care if most people work full-time jobs and live worse than Cubans. Ever hit upon that realization?

DC: You've convinced me. From now on, I'll stop apologizing. And, of course, start leaving tips at fast-food joints (*smile*).

Qx: That's really peudo-conservative of you Doc. How about convincing yourself that you're not a capitalist for once and get real?

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