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Deathy: A Truce

Posted by: Joel Jacobson ( none, USA ) on March 30, 1999 at 12:21:21:

Okay let's see if we can come to terms. I don't want to keep having to go into great details, both of us, regarding all these, references, essences, inferences, label, tokens, etc.

Let's see if we can end it now. Do you agree with the following:

a) "exploitation" is your opinion of what happens today
b) "alienation" is your opinion of what happens today
c) "relative poverty is harmful" is your opinion
d) your particular definition of "social classes" comes from your particular point of view and is your opinion
e) essences of becoming like "capitalism" and "socialism" have relevance to your mind but no relevance to a great many other minds; these essences are your particular viewpoint.
f) all values are based on opinion
g) you cannot prove the explanatory primacy of historical materialism (I'm pretty sure I've provided enough instances where it doesn't fit)
k) under any system, we are still dependent upon the Kantian Good Will for a peaceful and social existance.
l) you have not given a positivist analysis of your envisioned "socialism"
m) Your values cannot be attributed to someone else

If you agree with these let's move past the tediousousness of our personal viewpoints of classifications and provide positive analysis of how we can change the world.

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