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The Socialist Book Of War

Posted by: Lark on March 30, 1999 at 12:56:47:

Just before I begin does anyone feel someone has been using more than their fair share of the debating room?!!!

Would Joel care to post the rest of his views, I dont think we've Joel on Religion or Joel of the cereals yet!!

Anyway, Soem friends and I where thinking of producing a kind of sequel to the Anarchist Cookbook, now we're working form the basis that the Anarchist Cookbook was coffee table book EG IT WASNT MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY for a start but more than anything I been thinking what would anarchists have added or changed if they'd had a chance to have some input?

Myself I've been hunting out things like the organisation of "armies of non-violence/non-co-operation", the organisation of strikes etc. and I think it would be great that if we could get not just the simple facts of the matter EG you do this, this and this but peoples actual experiences etc.

If anyone wants to do a turn of creative genious here just post a reply.

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