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OK if you want to repeat that in english

Posted by: Lark ( ICA, Ireland ) on March 30, 1999 at 13:02:12:

In Reply to: Soviet Union: Capitalist or Socialist? posted by Joel Jacobson on March 29, 1999 at 16:13:29:

: Remember that Marx stated taht one of the features of captitalism was that workers has the ability of voluntarily drawing away their labor-power from the means of productions. So, where does the Soviet Union fit in? It, I must emphatically remind everyone here, did not allow such action.

A question not out of interest but merely posed as an attempt to create a stumbling block of some kind.

: I don't really consider this a serious question and am not looking for an answer.

But Joel you never are, your got the fanatics zeal you dont post to convince anyone you just bpost because you cant bear to see you opposition taking up space or going unhindered.

:Any reply from anyone would simply be an arbitrary and essentialist definitionism as the very terms "capitalism" and "socialism" themselves are merely public manifestations of private episodes.

OK if you want to repeat that in english, it'd be fine I'm no philistine and I can spot when someone's trying to make the debate so high brow as to scare of potential debaters.

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