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Shrink-wrapped Shallowness

Posted by: Quincunx on April 01, 1999 at 18:50:09:

In Reply to: Re-stacked prejudices posted by borg on March 31, 1999 at 17:37:30:

: : Qx: How is it that more and more people are becoming owners of property ? Can you cite some demographics, statistics, etc?

b: It's easy to play with stats one way or the other.

Qx: Yes, it is so please reveal your sources for making this assertion of yours. Is it really so difficult?

b: I see you've made your own conclusions anyway.

Qx: You're merely anticipating a reaction on a hunch. That's not exactly seen as a fine example of critical thinking. Can you do better?

b: What would be the point?

Qx: The point would be to reap the benefits of following up to my query with an answer.

Qx: :In this marketplace of ideas that felse capitalists crave for you will have to show (*without corporate sources) how "wealth" increases and how you define wealth and "values". I wouldn't be surprised if it was the typically narrow definitions of Fibertarian fame.

b: You have prejudged.

Qx: No I haven't. You've merely not read what I typed out.

To whit:"I wouldn't be surprised if it was the typically narrow definitions of Fibertarian fame."

In other words, it says what is typed out.

b: Further argument is a waste of time for both of us.

Qx: Actually, following up with an honest reply could have done this message board a great deal of good. That's why it's here in the first place.

b: You define your values. Then maybe I'll come to play.

Qx: You have dodged my question with some convoluted gibberish typical of Fibertarianism. Please supply us with more double-think.

Qx: : BTW: How can you not notice the contradictory nature of "Anarchy Inc."? Anarchy in it's Greek form means without heirarchy literally. To type out "Inc." is to add on to this word a designation for a form of organization that is inherently heirarchical. Corporations are not good for the planet and humanity.

b: Look for the paradox.

Qx: I just pointed it out. If you can't handle this then I'm afraid you may well be toast.

b: Chaos of the sort you're not expecting is coming and she's pissed.

Qx: Silly this is. Is this another Hakim Bey bit of gibberish?

: : b: This pitch is getting easier to sell every day.

b: [snip drivel]

Qx: [Skip the double-think of borg's]

Qx: : P.S.: Debunk this!

b: Yea, I've seen this.
: Pretty, wavy lines...very attractive
: to the intellectually deprived.

Qx: Good Dodge! I kind of expected this.

b: That's why I like it.

Qx: Then you may be smarter for it.

b:I'm intellectually deprived.

Qx: You said it and with lots of drivel may I add.

b: You said so yourself.

Qx: Yeah, like right now. Please come back and tell us more hucksterish stories and fables of debating dodges in the future.

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