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FLOODING: 4 persons make 120 posts in 9 days

Posted by: player1961 ( usa ) on April 01, 1999 at 18:56:06:

You can't help but notice their flooding. I made a quick survey of the first threads in this room, dating from March 31 to March 23. In these, four persons made 120 of the 222 posts. 29 other persons made an average of 3.5 posts each. I do not know how many visitors did not post at all. Doubtless many were dissuaded from posting since they couldn't make head nor tail of the conversations.

This seems to be the private chat room of a small handful. If not, Gee, Red Death(y), Joel Jacobson, bill: explain to the rest of us why your words are somehow more wise, more experienced, and more urgent than everyone else's.

I enjoy a spirited debate as much as the next guy. I don't enjoy being flooded out. Why should these four, among others, post new threads gratuitously, pushing down previous threads and forcing everyone else to hunt for their replies?

To all flooders: GET A LIFE! Turn off your damned computers, box 'em up, and store 'em in the garage for the summer. Go out for a walk on the beach. Get drunk. Get laid. Whatever. Come back in the fall with some PERSPECTIVE and some self-discipline.

McSpotlight: Look, they feel the debate is important enough to engage in; it's their choice and they're perfectly welcome to debate about it. Much as I may disagree with some of their views, I'm glad to have a debate to moderate that has some genuine content to it...thanks to all four people mentioned.

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