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communism and people plus capitalism

Posted by: music with food for the mind ( michigan, this one ) on April 05, 1999 at 16:19:16:

the future is sometimes not so bright and the thought that where ever you go trouble and the ruling class is present this note is not meant as to lead to sides. ny and other adittives help almost any goal. The television is a pucher and the wealth is not always shared.. The percents of race sometimes are exagerated and the persicusion of innocent lives sometimes is appearent. Many sit in silence in every country on the face of the world. The idea is for the common good for all not just those with or without.. Religion is the piont of focus for the ideas sometimes of common good. also the politics of hate rears its head for and against. The free market is sometimes not what it is supposed to be and it gives the image of the kingdom of evil with the images given in the idea of hate for power. The common good is then lost as people become explioted for money,ideasand there work or properties. Do not forget your children!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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