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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on April 06, 1999 at 12:18:31:

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When I observe someone accuse the free-market of promising 'mystical' outcomes ("Left to Its Own Devices, generate all the bounty and wealth we see before us") I begin to see why it is simply not understood.

"it" is the sum of free association with private property, not some cleverly thought out system.

Interference with "it" means interference with either free association or private property, and usually both. Interfering is an ecomony is not frowned upon by free marketers because it might ruin some system, but because it means - explicitly - coercive interference with people.

Now to the other myths.

: 1. Environmentalists.

When environmentalists are factually correct then the information is valuable. When there is an insistent call for the above mentioned interference based upon maybes and possibilities then its power mongering (not "i think this might happen so maybe we should consider this" but "look were doomed and the only way out is to give me more power over you")

: 1. Class Consciousness.

Too many people have moved between 'classes' for them to be relevant

: Still others admit that it is, after all, the Henry Fords of the world that are the ones that "get things done", and the rest of the world should simply be "grateful".

You can express your "ingratitude" by not buying a car, but leave the people who do want them alone.

: 1. Fairness

Fairness and justice are not expressed by the coerced obligation of one person to another. Coercion of one individual is not expressed by his need, either is coercingor being 'coerced' into finding work etc.

: 1. Community

Free association requires more than one individual. Communities are individuals.

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