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Posted by: Gideon Hallett ( UK ) on April 07, 1999 at 18:20:18:

In Reply to: Everyone - one being operative posted by Gee on April 07, 1999 at 18:06:19:

: Well, two reasons: 1:The tory press are talking up teh crisis in order to try and re-privatise teh health system.

: Some of these stories are in very left wing newspapers, even the Sun who appealed to Britain to vote Labor.

Under no circumstances can the Sun be called a left-wing paper; it is owned by and acts as the mouthpiece for Rupert Murdoch; it only supported Blair because he went out of his way to court Murdoch's favour and because the Labour Party is currently right-wing in the UK.

In fact, the Sun and the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph are possibly the most rabid right-wing papers in the UK today.


(no time to drop in right now; though I haven't forgotten Joel's post; I will respond to it anon...)

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