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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist party, Uk ) on April 08, 1999 at 13:17:55:

In Reply to: prism posted by Gee on April 07, 1999 at 12:46:30:

: Exactly why not? That person is making a free choice, whats it got to do with the other poeple. If anything it just demonstrates to them the weakness of their case.

Lets take the example of Race, an underclass- a tiny minority- can be throwqn into poverty so badly that they will accept even tiny wages as a step upward, if teh average wage represents teh necessary livingstandards of most workers, then such an underclass can drive wages down below it- so fighting to protect wages is also a fight against racism and all other forms of discrimination.

We have to assume an average living standard, if tehre are some who can work for less than that standard, then they will be used to drives wages down across the board- a prima facia example being MCDonalds employing teenagers, they can rely on them living at home, plus cultural expectations, to be able to pay them a low wage, this low wage depresses wages across teh sector, and harms folk as have higher outgoings (like paying rent, or having children).

: Like insurance, retail, leisure and all those other 'low paid' sectors? Some of the best jobs are there. A so called McJob is just as readily available in a steel plant as a DIY store.

I was thinking cleaners, shop assistants, etc. Thats where a lot of those jobs ave gone to. Most steel jobs were either skilled, or had the prospect of advancement into skille sections, being a shelf stacker has no prospects.

: And the rest of Britain doesnt. Govt stats are around 5%, even if its actually twice that, 10% is lower than Teesside. Im sure you could find a town with 100% unemployment.

Most of the North of England has high unemployement, all the jobs are down south, and its ruining our communities. 20% of the workforce in an area of 750,000 people is quite disasterous- up in Newcastle and Gateshead there are higher yet figures. Pretty brutal stuff. National averages and utilitarian totals doesn't help teh wrecked communities.

: And many more millions employed, hence the above.

Thirty years ago a pool of two million unemployed would be unthinkable, in some areas we are seeing the third generation of the jobless...

: Good job there are enough employed people and wealth creating then.

Yes, good job indeed.

: They were incompetent compared to external businesses and felt that they were the carry horses for repaying post WW1 'debts'. Context.

Britiosh big business supported Fascism in Germany to the Hilt. german industry was very efficient, but was recovering from utter collapse after WWI. agree, I don't think a thriving economy would turn to fascism, but....

: Sadly, alot of them are after favours. Youll find more businesses who contribute nothing to either party.

However, we can assume though that its a constant of capitalism that some businesses would seek such favours, and thus the state will never disappear?

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