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Posted by: Gee on April 09, 1999 at 13:02:22:

In Reply to: limited? by whom for whom? posted by bill on April 09, 1999 at 11:55:23:

: Kind of a "straw man" wouldn't you admit?

Deliberately so, to demonstate how morals left to a majority vote can produce disagreeable outcomes.

: I might agree but you have loaded the dice somewhat.

Its pretty much what happens when people vote for more taxes.

: 1.- Universal registration or conscription for the draft. Are you for or against?

Against, one person does not belong to another.

: 2.- Food safety laws? For or against?

As they currently stand, against, they serve a random hotchpotch of political, protective and favor seeking goals - the result is foods barred and restricted without good reason (eg vitamins) aswell as those for good reasons.

Also, most protection can exist within trade law, selling poison under the label of food is the trade equivalent of fraudulent misrepresentation of reality. Selling poor quality disease ridden food not only results in zero customers in short time but also brings lawsuits. What agencies today seem to attempt is a kinf of divination, to pre-empt such situations. It isnt working. To add a plethora of extra laws and bodies onto the scene creates the confusion we currently have.

: And so we come to THE REAL OBJECTION to Unfettered Democracy!

: The Real, Terrifying, Fear of the propertied is that a "mobocracy" might decide to tax itself to generate funds for schools, libraries, fire departments, recreation facilities, parks, waste treatment plants, etc.etc.

You cant tax yourself! You mean a large amount of people might club together and buy these things? fine.

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