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: Lets take the example of Race, an underclass- a tiny minority- can be throwqn into poverty

Or have existed in such for time immemorial.

: fight against racism and all other forms of discrimination.

The losers are those very people who would have accepted work to improve their condition.

: We have to assume an average living standard, if tehre are some who can work for less than that standard, then they will be used to drives wages down across the board- a prima facia example being MCDonalds employing teenagers, they can rely on them living at home, plus cultural expectations, to be able to pay them a low wage, this low wage depresses wages across teh sector, and harms folk as have higher outgoings (like paying rent, or having children).

You mean that a teenager asks for less and can do the exact same job as an adult who asks for more. When you go into the store to buy carrots do you ask about the welfare of the farmer prior to choosing the less expensive of the two?

: I was thinking cleaners, shop assistants, etc. Thats where a lot of those jobs ave gone to. Most steel jobs were either skilled, or had the prospect of advancement into skille sections, being a shelf stacker has no prospects.

The newer industries have tons of opportunities. It ouwld indeed be distressing to find that your 20 years of spot welding for a steel plant is near useless, but other people are gaining jobs due to their skills with computer tech, medical know how, architecture etc etc. Adaptation to change.

: Most of the North of England has high unemployement,

Then I must assume that because most of the south does not, the south is a good place to find work, and modern communications allow people to get to it in an hour or two. Hardly ideal (spending 10 hours a week on trains) but idyllic is not what we are discussing.

How would you help those communities in the *short* term? By taking jobs from southerners and creating equal misery for all? I would suggest that instant resolutions are not an option.

: Britiosh big business supported Fascism in Germany to the Hilt. german industry was very efficient, but was recovering from utter collapse after WWI. agree, I don't think a thriving economy would turn to fascism, but....

No, I really think it wouldnt, that would be shooting itself in the foot. What it might do is support a nation entering into apparent economic 'good times', and in such pursuits one should always check who has the power of force in that country first.

: However, we can assume though that its a constant of capitalism that some businesses would seek such favours, and thus the state will never disappear?

Not a constant of capitalism per se, but a constant where the victims (ie those who actually supply what is used in favour - the taxed) comply to what is happening.

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