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Posted by: Lark ( Antipropertarian and Liberty Defense League, ICA ) on April 12, 1999 at 19:07:18:

For a long time their have been the croonies of wealth and property testifying that they are libertarians but they're not you know.

Anyone who cares genuinely about liberty would not allow it to be defined in such a narrow context and negative freedom or sanctify property to such a stage as it becomes a REAL THREAT to liberty, even negative freedom liberty.

The liberty of the rulers in the new propertarian order, the inheritors, the swindlers, the con artists, the lucky, etc. means death for your liberty. PREPARE TO ASSUME A SERVILE ROLE IN ONE OF THE GREAT SERVICE EMPORIUMES.

The rightwing propertarians, rightwing because these people are socially, economically, politically (yes they vote come elections, great anarchists they are) and morally conservative, believe that the state can be abolished through privatisation when any sane rationalist should realise that privatisation wont make the problem disappear, THE SAME DOG DIFFERENT COLLAR.

I've heard them make reference to Orwell's, Orwell the Socialist by the way, 1984 well that is certainly the case where top down authoritarianism, mascaraiding as socialism, occures (dont even let them pull that shit about it might not be what you want but it's socialism none the less because they excuse the present orders shit by saying it's "genuine Capitalism" anyway) but get this THE TRUMAN SHOW=1984 PRIVATISED.

The power weilded by the police will be weilded by private secuirity, there's nothing to stop facists or criminals setting up secuirity firms mind, the power weilded by the secret services will be weilded by the junk mail designers and you can bet they'll know everything about you, the power weilded by the taxman will be weilded by the business man and where as, as a citizen you can challenge the taxman and pursue lower taxes (if that's your thing, tax the rich I say) the "market God" is unaccountable, even if it cost less when the the state provided the service you can bet it's a "Natural" Price.

Finally, rational people are horrified at police brutality or other state transgressions and have every right to suspect that the x-files are spot on about government conspiracies but the bitch here is not that the government is collectivist, private capital is collectivist but the propertarians think that's fine, it's that the government is not adequately democratic, not adequately accountable, and radical democracy is the best thing about anarchism and left-wing socialism.

You can bet the market is unaccountable, things just get more costly and then some fuckers telling you to work harder, longer and better for less and then Oops! didn't we tell you your jobs gone to the third world because they're easier to rip off!!

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