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My life of HELL at the hands of capitalists

Posted by: deg on April 13, 1999 at 11:14:11:

It all started in 1930, that was the year I was born into the EVIL capitalist world which was to be my nemesis. I am going to recount my life of HORROR at the hands of these monsters. It will CHILL you to your bones!

As a child I rarely saw my father. "Where is he?" I would ask mother as she went around the house. "working" came the reply. I wondered at this. I asked my grandfather what work was, he said "well, your daddy makes things at a factory and thenm he gets a wage packet so he can buy all these things" he'd say nodding over to things like furniture, paper and quills, clothes and food. My father did not make these things, yet apparently owned them!. Clearly something was going on - New words was entering my young consciousness - exploitation! Injustice!!

My father had saved money so that I would go to school, to learn about the world they said! pah! All I learned was why 2 apples plus two apples was 4, how gravity does what it does, how some dark group called the founding fathers had insisted people be free! I later learned that education was not a place for fathers to send their children to learn such things as FACTS, facts which would make them able to exploit people who didnt know the same FACTS or who couldnt use them!! I learned that so called clever children were somewhere called the 'head of the class', and I can tell you I did not like it - what did cleverness have to do with it! But those capitalist PIGS kept telling me about how things worked, kept giving me SKILLS! Where was the justice in that?

Into young adulthood I knew I had to discover the nature of this evil exploitation! I had to experience it myself! With the SKILLS I had been made to know I was able to gain something they called 'employment' at a factory similar to the one my father worked in, the year was 1948. There were machines and fellow WORKERS and there were suited men who instructed us as to our tasks. These men, I was told by my foreman, had organised the construction of the factory in our town and that he was pleased because he had gotten a 'good job'. Where was the justice in that? But I knew that those people had worked out how factories should run for another reason! to exploit! In return for the fairly simple tasks I was given I got something called a wage - aha I thought, now this will prove me right! Inside was a check for money. I knew I was a 'wage slave' now, I was going to experience the full horror my fellow WORKERS seemed unaware of.

With these 'wages' I found I could rent an apartment I wouldnt know how to build myself, could buy food from all over America (it must have been exploited food!) and later the world! Within two years of this HELL I had acquired a car, the workings of which were a mystery to me, and had been tempted away by my misled WORKMATES into ENJOYING holidays. Infact I once drove my evil capitalist car accross the whole state in less than a day! It would have taken me days to walk it - how did those capitalists make me do it! Those suited men had come into our town with their fancy exploitation machine - the factory - and within 2 years I had gone from having nothing to living in an apartment and owning a car - all for operating a CUTTING machine in this factory! Where was the justice in that? How could those capitalist dogs torture me like this! How could they exploit us in this way! I had to know more!

My neighbours in the next apartment were a young couple. I was suspicious of them, people spoke of the man, Joe, as being 'ambitious' and 'clever', well I knew what that meant. In time he might become a MONSTER like the suited ones at the factory, forcing people to work and live in the apartments and 3 bedroom houses of this innocent COMMUNITY. Once this Joe insisted I borrow his new vacuum cleaner, "its great, go ahead" he said. I waited for the charge, the exploitation. Clearly Joe had a long term plan for me, because he didnt ask for anything. No doubt those poor WORKER fools at the factory would call him 'generous' but I knew better - so I took this vacuum cleaner and used it. What a devils invention! It exploited the dust out of my carpets like the factory exploited us!! Within minutes my floor was clean and hygienic! Those CAPITALIST BASTARDS had made me clean my floor in a tenth of the time, and better than I could have done it alone - and what was worse - Joe owned the capitalist hoover that did it - and forced me to use it! Forced me to save all that time!! Where was the justice in that? I knew that Joe was a very dangerous man when he once mused "you know, I think I could sell these things!". In years to come I would go white with horror knowing what Joe became!

I had to escape this SLAVERY and OPPRESSION. I left work at age 35, by then I had been at the EVIL factory for 17 years, they had exploited me into a more skillfull position - even connivivng to train me in newer machines which did things in minutes that would have taken me months! What sick capitalist had invested in such sorcery! Then to add insult to injury - they raised my SLAVEWAGE! For fifteen of these years I had been brainwashed into heavily investing money into something called the stock exchange, for something called the 'future'. I was being exploited in several businesses now, via this evil exchange - I would experience the HORROR of destitution at the hands of these capitalists for sure! But at 35 I stopped and sought out a COMMUNITY of equals.

I found such a idyllic community of equals under a bridge! A wonderful place where no one was poorer than the next man! Where no one was 'clever', where no one exploited me into a heated apartment! If bread were to be found by this friendly class conscious grouping we would decide by a system of democracy who got it. The charismatic 18 stone ex-wrestler "doughnut head" Tommy must have been very needy, because his bowling ball fists were quick to vote! It was a beautiful community - no one exploited us into comfortable homes! We enjoyed communal banter and knifings at night - oh the spirit of togetherness, surely all this nonsense about people being individuals was refuted. But the evil CAPITALISTS wouldnt leave us alone. Apparently this modern age of industrialisation had produced something they called abundance, so much so that the SICK capitalist dogs would send their warriors into our wodnerful social community and offer us the filthy trinkets of food and coffee, in the name of CHARITY - oh the perversion of their minds, it reminded me of Joe!

Later in life I left the bridge community, Our jolly comrade "doughnut head" Tommy had beaten a fellow community dweller to death over a dollar note - surely proof that money was the root of all evil!! I disappeared into the mountains for years, struggling to live off the land - oh the joy of being free of the evil capitalists, the joy of sharing my community with the wonders of nature! the bitter cold, poisoness snakes, pouring rain, disease and starvation! But even then the VICIOUS capitalists would let me be. Once, when trapped on a mountainside, a capitalist pig spotted me with some contraption or other and they 'rescued' me in something called a 'helicopter' - a man could FLY accross mountains and land in clearings! What capitalist evil investment had bought about this unnatural blight!! What was worse - the sickening capitalist who rescued me could talk to his evil cronies via a plastic box, a "real life saver" he said!!! A capitalist tool of exploitation no doubt!! Helpless on a mountainside they had rescued me - where was the justice in that?

Then in 1995 I returned to my home town, a chill of horror swept through me as I saw the destruction and turmoil the capitalists had visited upon the town. There were more people, there were parks, many shops, more factories and so many evil material goods, all forcing the hapless exploited fools into their slavish lifestyle of constant food supply, housing, medical treatment, early retirement, increased longevity, mass communications and regular holidays - the TORTURE of those poor exploited workers! I can tell you that as I stumbled through the streets I was overwhelmed by the destruction and chaos of their street lighting, rows of houses, but as I turned the corner the coldest CHILL set in. There was Joe, on a podium - it was his retirement party and behind him was an enormous retail complex! Oh the dark evil horror, I learned from the admiring brainwashed fools that Joe had indeed started selling vacuums, then other evil capitalist labor saving devices - he had set up a shop and built it into a retail and distribution business that grew as the town did! I had suspected Joe all along, but the true depth of his depravrity was revealed when I heard one man say "he employs 200 people now you know" and smiled "I joined when it was just one shop!" - Didnt he realize? didnt he know he had been exploited? Did none of them know that Joe was evil? That he had bought a double glazing, annual holiday, medical insurance, childrens education HELL to his EXPLOITED workforce?

Finally, the greatest horror. After an evil capitalist charity had given me a room for a week I was visited by the FACE of evil. A man representing some investment company. "I'm glad ive tracked you down" he said, handing me a check "That investment trust you entered into all those years ago, well its come through. Not bad for 15 years of investment I think you'll agree" he smiled! Always those SMILES! My face dropped, it was the stock exchange trust I had invested into, fully knowing that I would face ruin at the hands of the exploiters! This was their wicked trick, this was a check for $87,000. The young man said something about "a wise investment" and "compound interest" but I knew what it meant - they had won! They had exploited me into a comfortable retirement. Where was the justice in that?

I ask you, I worked for 17 years in a fairly simple factory job making things I didnt know how to design, using machines I could never equal with my bare hands - I worked 40 hours a week with 2 weeks annual holiday, for that I could go out and live in an apartment I would be unable to build, buy a car I could not conceive of, be treated for illnesses I could not comprehend, during these years I followed the advice of investing into other companies I knew nothing of. even as I didnt work I received food and clothing from strangers, even as I was threatened with death I was rescued by a man whose skills in a helicopter were as unfathomable to me as the machine he flew. And at the end, due to only 15 years of sensible investment I received enough for a retirement of relative comfort, to be able once more to buy things I could never make myself.

I ask finally - where was the justice in that?

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