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learned a new word?

Posted by: Crimson Tide on April 13, 1999 at 11:14:50:

In Reply to: As any decent Socialist will tell you. posted by Lark on April 12, 1999 at 19:17:46:

: Yeah, well if you must impose a propertarian vision upon this debate to make it rational to your mind then fine but you do know some of us find that insulting.

Is propertarianism the new word youve been learning all about this weekend? Its certainly getting an airing in all your posts.

: : Free speech is the vital ingredient in a worthwhile society

: As any decent Socialist will tell you.

The it appears Ive met too many of the other sort. The 'realistic' socialists.

: Yeah and I remember something called McCarthyism mate. Your Reds are probubly speaking out of impatience, the neo-liberal bullshit is trendy

Really, I can find socialism in hundreds of books, movies and classrooms. Much less libertarianism, we used to think red was the winning color because of its influence.

: Maybe but do you see many people trying to over turn capitalism in favour of Fuedalism? Wheels of History and onward march etc.

Ive gone back ont he idea that socialism represents a grand future, the trend has been away from the tribe for centuries.

glad yo came back though

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