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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on April 13, 1999 at 12:40:30:

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this new chaotic hide and seek links of posts on the forum is making it difficult to track you answers Red, but I found you!

: If he thinks that he can go do something else, someone more willing will do it. His only answer would ever be that he enjoys it, or that he feels the reward of its necessity...

It is a hopeful idea isnt it, much like when I discuss the philanthropy of millionaires. Some do, some dont.

I disagree that interests are not represented in such discussions 9ie direct dmeocracy). Opinions usually reflect interests.

: Further, in your model there are conflicting interests, whereas in mine, there is difference of opinion, no interest clash, no profit from victory, and both sides share the result.

Which greatly depends upon a set of values non-existant in people - the requirement of the farmer above to work for new motivations. Also, the law as a private good idea is not based upon arbitrary standards of human conduct, but on an attempt to 'best fit' to the current mode of interaction.

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