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liberty without liberty

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on April 14, 1999 at 12:43:06:

In Reply to: Wealth aristocracy the result of sanctimonious property posted by LARK on April 14, 1999 at 11:03:07:

: I'm not generalising there is a very real threat. I think you should appreciate this Gee because from an appraisal of your posts you seem more libertarian than propertarian and more individualist than capitalist (although at other times you dont). I'm not even talking about a newly developed wealth aristocracy, there's one already.

My support of private property is entirely connected to my belief that personal liberty can mean nothing if other people can decide what to do with the things you create and exchange. Im not yer average 'look at my new pick up, its so cool' consumerist, but I cant seperate liberty from property the way you appear to, without envisaging the disappearance of liberty.

Capitalism will eat itself. Competition doesnt breed further competition it breeds monopoly and anti-competitive measures.

Again, those 700 I mentioned are new entrants (I the last few decades) and they are joined annually by new companies. Competition has effectively pruned bad companies (look at a list of companies of the 50s, some are dead, some are tiny parts of a new company, some grew strong) whilst new companies just keep entering the market.

Well you think they're not Pinochet in Chile or the Shell guy in Nigeria these people have BUSINESS agreements with Shell etc. to kill every threat to their profits. In return for investment.

I think that when a business involves itself in politics in order to use the politicians guns to force a situation it cannot agree by reason it is not a business move. However many govts (and local coucils!) deliberately put up some obstructive law in order to put the reigns on a businesses. An old example is Vanderbilt in America. He 'bribed' politians who would deliberately put up a bill which would stop an intented business move - it was a popular ploy back then, like a protection racket by politicians. Those particular corrupt legislators got their justice when they tried to rip him off in the stock market, by acting quick he ruined scores of them and they deserved it. A more subtle version of this protection racket is now acted out in washington and no doubt every western capital city. Its vital to understand where the corruption lies in such cases.

Really? Must be barriers to entry in the market there and monopolistic externalities, conceding that servility to the existing mart. lords is the only way are you.

No its not that, it takes masses of energy and ability.

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