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Posted by: Quincunx on April 15, 1999 at 11:26:03:

In Reply to: Frat Boy? posted by Winslow Wacker on April 14, 1999 at 16:50:08:

I'll see if we can get back to debating about individualism if Winslow can answer my previous postings word-for-word. Or SDF's last posting for that matter.

WW: Call me some more names if it makes you feel better.

Qx: There you go again. Let's leave your invite for a slagging match lie where it is.
WW: Why did YOU get so upset, after all I was talking to SDF.

Qx: Now that's jumping the gun isn't it? I simply replied to your insulting manner and if you've claimed property rights over a thread then you're definitely in cyberspace.

WW: He was holding his own and showing more courtesy than yourself,

Qx: Well, if you can hold your own then answer his last posting since you never really answered to my response. By the way, have you got a courtesy-meter? I didn't think so.

WW: although he seems to want to grasp at the "white frat boy" smear also.

Qx: It's hardly a smear but merely a speculation. You can always say yes or no to that one. Did't you notice that you have rational choices?

WW: Typical "leftists" - using pre-packaged labels to attack anyone who doesn't agree with their positions.

Qx: Always? I have to say that the term "leftists" is a pretty wide brush. Is it possible that you're using this as a convenient catch-all term?

WW: Read my recent posts to Fassbinder

Qx: Oh, I have.

WW:- then maybe you will come down off of your high horse.

Qx: I haven't rode a horse in quite some time but if you wanna go low riding then it's best to be an individual who isn't so seemingly self-absorbed in typing out ditties that would make Rush Limbaugh shake his head in disbelief. Please?

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