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Anarchist FAQ, State 'Socialism'

Posted by: Flint Jones ( WSA-IWA, U$A ) on April 16, 1999 at 17:50:42:

In Reply to: Anarchist FAQ posted by Lark on April 14, 1999 at 12:39:38:

The most up to date version of the FAQ can be found at...

Its up to version 7.5 now... the one at Spunk is at 7.2

There has been some discussion about publishing the FAQ... I printed it out at work ages ago (somewhere along version 5...) and it was 3 inches thick.

I don't think we'll see any serious move to publishing it until it is "finished". Or atleast finish all the sections that are already listed.

Personally, I'm awaiting the anarchist critique of State Socialism. For one, it'll go along way in shutting up the anarcho-capitalists. "See... we hate stalinsts too... and for better reasons, you crazy propertarians". The body count along of State "Socialist" regimes alone is enough for people to pause and rethink about going down that direction. And before the council communists, autonomist marxists, libertarian soclialists and everyone struggling for "Socialism from Below" get all in a huff... I'm not talking about your conception of a socialist society. But its very important to maintain a general critique of hierarchy and the state...

I think Anarchism is most useful as a standard to hold democracies too... "Is anyone being oppressed?" If the answer is yes, things can be improved. Perhaps a society completely without hierarchy is neither desirable or achievable... but the move towards it definately improves everyones lot. The revolution is a continual process, not a single event. Its the day to day struggle against oppression... and not the vanguard siezing control of the palace.

Personally, I think one of our primary goals in continuing the process wil be to reactivate the labor movement (both in the US and abroad) on a libertarian socialist basis rather than as fronts for communist vanguards or as collaborationist business unions. We can either reform existing unions or create new ones. A new labor movement is needed, one that will resemble in some ways the old... in other ways it won't.



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