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Social Authoritarianism

Posted by: Lark ( ICA, Ireland ) on April 19, 1999 at 18:45:53:

In Reply to: *HUFF* posted by Red Deathy on April 18, 1999 at 16:29:13:

:Society is the real source of authority, except, King lear like, it keeps handing it to certain people, but, it can never fully give away its real authority, which it will use in revolution.

Just think about what your saying Red. If you've ever read "the red letter" (where ironically social outcasts where branded with a red letter A) or seen it on film you'll be aware of the fact that it's not just the state that can become a real authoritarian horror.

The arguments you are having with me and others in the "Anything Else" debate room could be construed as arguments against the rule of social attitudes.

Me, myself, I think that the state has been over emphased in the socialist battle against authoritarianism. I mean people know anarchists are against the state but they've never really made the connection with libertarianism or taht they are generally anti-authoritarian, this leads to the whole association with chaos etc.

The state is the prime example of potential or actual authoritarianism but if a truly libertarian society existed I find it hard to believe the state would live longer than a few weeks in it's present form but wreck the state while patriarchy, gay-bashing etc. exist and the worst is yet to be dealt with.

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