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I've never been an advocate of bomobing alone.

Posted by: Lark on April 21, 1999 at 17:39:41:

In Reply to: Opposing. posted by Red Deathy on April 21, 1999 at 14:06:52:

: The flood of refugees came after the bombing started, the bombing campaign has, predictably, aloowed the Serbian regime to escalate its Genocide.

Yes I've never been an advocate of bomobing alone. Setting up an anti-milo 5th column to fight for free elections would have been a better starting point but we have to consider what can be done form the here and now.

: Thats New Labour Crap, NATO took the decision to Bomb, it must bear the responsibility for those it kills 'They made us do it' is the logic of bullies, and it doesn't hold up. If the UFF were involved in a siege, holding catholics hostage, and the police opened fire and killed some of the hostages- what would your reaction be? Blame the UFF? Blame the Police for fucking up?

Fuck off, it isnt the Polices fault, I dont appreciate the analogie or the implied support of Blairism, the facts are if you arent with NATO or the KLA you are by default supporting the Serbian actions.

For Christ sake dont you give a shit? I cant understand this people that I'd regularly consider progressives are acting all mad, have you all spent to long in opposition? So long that when the powers that be do something ethical for a change that you cant realise it as such!

: And maybe they have done it precisely for that reason, as a way of trying to get the ALlies to back out of a spreading war...

Or maybe they're trying to creat an expanding war and blame it on the allies, it looks as though a lot of people would support that view. Milo wants to maintain power his tired politics of nationalist socialism have fallen from grace so the only way he can maintain power is by perpertuating states of war all about him to distract people.

Cant anyone see this whole thing for what it is? There's no conspiracy this time, there's no value ridden defenders of truth and justice under western powers NATO attack.

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