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Why.. thank you Lark.

Posted by: Flint Jones ( WSA-IWA, USA ) on April 21, 1999 at 18:53:52:

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To bad your comments got cut. I'd be interested in hearing them... and Red's to if it doesn't go to his head.
I think the propertarians would just say, "the only justice is the right to control your own property as you see fit, and any violation is immoral... everything can be applied to this one absolute natural law."
Its neat little general principle but ulimately flawed since people are people... people aren't property. As long as they think of themsleves as nothing more than something else that is owned and sold... well... its just a very limited understanding of liberty. Sad really. I don't know why you both bother to debate them as its the same broken record over and over again. They don't recognize the evils of the things they advocate if carried to the conclusion... atleast some socialists have realized the dangers of to much collective will as such... and that the tactics to revolutions usually end up as the ends.



McSpotlight: Damn; I didn't edit his comments; I can only guess the database has mislabelled them again.

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