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Posted by: bill on April 22, 1999 at 14:31:00:

In Reply to: You'd support Serbia and their facism through inaction right? posted by LARK on April 21, 1999 at 17:38:38:

: I dont understand how is anything I've written sectarian?

: I've visited a large number of KLA sites and havent found many that I disagree with, however I have seen serbian sites which testify to the Serbian historic mission to destroy every muslim, musllims being represented in an insluting fashion by a pig icon, an unholy animal in their faith, and therefore wipe out islam.


Look, from my point of view we are all being steamrolled by a lot of hype. ANYONE could go to any number of sites here in the US (Stormfront for example) and pull down enough NAZI propaganda to prove that the US was a nation composed of Hitler lovers.

: That sounds very, very nazi like to me and that is why I think they must be opposed and if the KLA are going to do that they have my support. As for the Zapatistas remark so what? I dont withdraw support from an essentially good cause because it has either unwise leadership or doesnt fit into the comfortable confines of armchair revolutionaries definition of progressive.


Well I DO withdraw support - particularly from "leadership" ruled groups that don't fit into my defined ethics (or as you would put it - "armchair revolutionaries" (And BTW, who the hell are you to define my armchairs? Having been in jail any number of times for CD actions, I can assure you there are NO armchairs!)

: For the sake of Christ people are being massacred, raped, tortured and used as living blood banks, human shields and holocaust style grave diggers and it has nothing whatsoever to do with NATO get a bit of perspective please!!!


Just remember how so many US Senators used the case of babies being thrown from incubators by the barbaric Iraqis during the debate about whether to launch an attack on Iraq. It helped turn the vote. Even Amnesty International was taken in. Only much later (too late) was it discovered that it was all a fabrication created by a PR firm paid for by the Kuwaiti government.

Even now, the "Racak Massacre", complete with pictures is portrayed on KLA - Albanian sites: http://come.to/ALBANIANLINKS (Though it doesn't come up for me just now - go click the Kosovo link)

Then try:a href="http://www.iacenter.org/racak.htm for another version.

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