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Gee and the capitalist socialism

Posted by: Lark ( ICA, Ireland ) on April 22, 1999 at 14:44:20:

In Reply to: punished for lack of conformity. - How? posted by Gee on April 21, 1999 at 17:40:58:

: How? if you mean that someone who decides to be a street musician gets very little income then why would it be different under socialism? If people now think a street musician is worth a small amount of their resources (as measured in money) then why would that differ under socialism - people would still consider the same musician worth only a small proportion of their resources (this time measured in time, 'collective' interests or whatever - people wont suddenly change)

Gee you are thinkinng as if you ARE a market place, still in terms of weights and measures and values defined by the last order, the capitalist order!!

I closely associate the Citizens Wage with Socialism a wage paid unconditionally to every citizen regardless if they work or not.

: If you mean a person who gives everything they own (ie all their time and resource) to 'the poor' in a capitalist society might find himself unable to afford a meal, then why would that change in socialism? In either society keeping (or using) an amount for himself which is sufficient for his needs has the same effect on his ability to give to others (ie a decrease short term, increase long term). Whats the difference?

That seems a very capitalist version of socialism where you are still made to be thrifty and all your could have done this, could have done that wishes and dreams just translate into a bank account your afraid to take money out of.

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