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the Irish Famine is the greatest example I can think of

Posted by: Lark ( ICA, Ireland ) on April 22, 1999 at 14:52:34:

In Reply to: like the US food donations to USSR? posted by Gee on April 21, 1999 at 17:40:44:

: Im not sure what you mean there. If you are saying that I 'care' more for a starvation that is deliberately planned by an autocratic govt then yes I do. Such a starvation is murder. A starvation that happens because we have a dry summer because the sunspots are doing this and the pacific ocean is doing that then it isnt murder - and whats more its easier to freely help out such people.

I'm sorry Gee but that totally disgust me. If someone feel into a lake and you where walking past would you let them drown too?

If someone is starving and you make no attempt to try and help them I reckon it's just as much murder as if it was planned, either way there are some people who have the will and way to change things doing nothing or doing what is wrong. What do I mean doing nothing is wrong!

: Actually I'd like to hear an example - it would further your argument, a statement such as 'capitalism causes starvation' needs evidence.

Fine the Irish Famine is the greatest example I can think of immeditately there was tons of wheat, enough to feed everyone but it kept being shipped to Britain because that's where it's market was and it's propertarian owners.

In Mexico indigenous people are forced to grow cash crops when they really could do with growing food for themselves. That's NAFTA there but it could be anywhere in the third world. The cash crops profit goes to pay of third world debt another way that they are held to ransom by capitalism, the arms producers take a large cut of the GNP of third world countries so that their governments can kill the people who disagree with the whole neo-liberal nightmare.

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